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                    1. lead-from the depth understanding of screw
                    2. Foam screw. Specification

                      Long diameter ratio: L/D: 40-60.

                      Parallel twin screw barrel. Specification


                      Plated single screw Specification
                      Cold feed screw barrel. Specification

                      Diameter: Φ ? 300-60    

                      Length to diameter ratio L/D = 12 to 18

                      Extruder screw barrel. Specification

                      Specification: Φ15 - Φ360 mm

                      Length ratio: L/D=15-56.

                      IMM screw barrel. Specification

                      Clamping force: 25-38000KN

                      Resin shot: 30-50000g

                      Foam screw. Parallel twin screw barrel. Plated single screw Cold feed screw barrel.
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                    3. Applied to LDPE、HDPE、PVC、ABS、PPR、EPS、XPS and other plastic pieces, plates, films, tubes, particles and other extrusion to create the greatest value for customers
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