Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cheese Country Tours ~ Pacheco Family Dairy

Donna Pacheco Opens the Tour
Meeting Donna Pacheco is like finding a wonderful relative you never knew you had.  It’s her husband Jim whose family’s soul is embedded in the land, but it is Donna’s heart that has pumped life into the heritage.

Wheels of Capricious in the Aging Cave
Her award-winning Achadinha Goat Cheese is more the result of a desire to make a good, sustainable farming lifestyle for her four children than it is a pursuit for its own sake. Yet the first time it was entered in a contest, her cheese "Capricious" won "Best in Show" at the American Cheese Society event in 2002 and was later named one of Saveurs "50 favorite cheeses in the United States" in 2005. 

Pacheco Family Dairy Goat Herd
Pacheco Goats are Free to have Fun
The Pacheco Family Dairy maintains a herd of around 900 goats that are generally free to roam most of the farm property. Confident, curious, and contented, they seem to know their essential role in creating a nationally acclaimed cheese. It is an understatement to say that the Pacheco family is hard-working.  Besides the obligations of family, farm and cheese production they added sales at thirty-two Farmer's Markets this year.  All four children are involved in some aspect of animal care, cheesemaking and Farmer's Market sales.

Look for Achadinha Goat Cheese at specialty food stores, in most Bay Area Farmer's Markets and online at Achadinha.com.   And hope you are lucky enough to visit the dairy one day!